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Peterelles is an old name for Storm Petrels.
They patter the water just like St Peter
who was crucified upside down.
They breed on places on the English and Irish Coast
10 000 pairs on Skellig Michael
sidelined by the fame of Star Wars)
Which has those amazing stone hives
created by the monks in the Sixth Century
Storm Petrels known as
Mother Carey’s Chickens in 1767.
Portentious for sailors of impending storms.

Co2 canisters from an air pistol
represent acidification of the seas
which is affecting the life cycle of the
foraminifera ( Haeckel prints )
affecting the food cycle in the ocean.

Storm petrels lay one egg.

The inspiration for this largely came from the

"The Children of the storm"
Ruth Padel

in the book

"The Mara Crossing"

The gas canisters from the reality of pollution in the ocean.

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